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Professional Male Grooming Lounge

Barbers Boutique is an exciting new modern barbershop situated on Islington Wharf - New Islington in Manchester, catering mainly for the distinguished gentleman of most hair types and styles - Clipper/Scissor Cuts, Hot Towel Shaves, Beard Shaping & Facials 

Renowned for precision and taking time on clients, Barbers Boutique is revolutionising barbering and aims to bring the age old profession into the 21st century! 


We have 5 barbers on most days so walk ins are welcome, but advance booking by appointment is recommended


Walk in - Book Online or Give us a call..


Card Payments and PayPal Welcome






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We are using PayPal Here

All barbers at Barbers Boutique are now accepting payments via Paypal Here. The payment process remains the same with chip & pin debit and credit cards and Paypal Check In is also available and accepted. Simply download the Paypal app if you already have a Paypal account, look for our business or barber (Tony & Declan have separate Paypal machines) and Slide to Check In. Your payment will be processed without a card!


1. Download and open PayPal app

2. Tap on 'Activity' then tap on 'Local' top left.

3. 'Search Merchant' for either Barbers Boutique - Tony Davies or Declan Armstrong. 

4. Slide to Check In! 



(Please Note: All Paypal payments are subject to a 50p processing fee)